ColorEqualizer – Perfect Cooperation Between Textile Designer and Producer

ColorGATE ColorEqualizer is a lean solution that helps you correctly communicating and producing the colors of a design.

  • Communicate colors accurately
  • You do not need any special knowledge
  • Match colors objectively
  • Avoid misunderstandings & misproductions

Digital textile printing is gaining more and more market share. It is fast, versatile, and already economical for small and medium order sizes.

If you want to fully exploit this potential, you need a well-working color communication between designer and producer!

Creative designers experiment with the color scheme of their designs - only when the color is just right, the design have the desired effect. ColorGATE's ColorEqualizer ensures that your colors are printed accurately in production!

Even for textile producers with digital printing systems, reproducing designs in the correct color can be a challenge. ColorGATE ColorEqualizer offers an easy way to get as close as possible to the designer's reference - no matter what hardware and software you are using in your production so far.

Discover our ColorEqualizer variants: