The Filmgate RIP Software solutions belonging to our Film and Repro Solutions contain Filmgate and Productionserver with the Film and Plate Module (FPM). Along with CG Media daylight media, ColorGATE offers a unique combination for the chemical-free digital creation of film master production.

Filmgate offers:

  • Innovative, integrated screening technology for almost any area of application: Custom Screen (Free definition of screen angles, dot forms and line resolutions), Super Rosette 2 (Sharp-edged, homogenous printed images resulting from screen angles of the highest precision), Frequency Screen (Frequency modulated screen with controllable dot size), Hybrid Screen 2 (Combines the advantages of the two screen technologies, Super Rosette 2 and Frequency Screen)
  • Full support of an unlimited amount of spot colors; individual sets and screening settings can also be defined for spot colors
  • Highly efficient ICC color management for color-accurate In-RIP separation
  • Adequate film material: CG Reprofilm HD and CG Screenfilm Waterbased are the ideal daylight media for high-end screen printing production.
  • For Productionserver, Filmgate is available as optional Filmgate Module (FGM)


Filmgate is the Worldwide Leading RIP Software for Chemical-Free Film Production

  •  Solution for comprehensive pre-press using digital printing systems
  • Consistenttly reproducible results and maximum reliability in production process due to unique ColorGATE MIM (media ink metamode) technology
  • Reliable end-to-end processing of composite PDF (PDF/X4, X5) as well as separated PDF files    
  • Predefined screening sets and linearizations for all popular inkjet printer series and screen rulings (up to 180lpi)

Configure your individual RIP software solution with our product configurator. You can order it afterwards via this shop.


Further information about Filmgate: watch our video on YouTube.


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