The Proofgate RIP Software solutions contain Proofgate and Productionserver with the Proof Standard Digital Module (PSDM). Along with CG Media proof papers CG Isoproof, ColorGATE offers a comprehensive combination for digital proof printing. Proofgate is the outstanding RIP Software for digital contract proofing based on ISO standard 12647-7 and FOGRA reference values 39, 51 and 52 for a maximum color accuracy.

Proofgate offers:

  • Proof software with all the latest features with direct support of PDF/X-4, X-5, PostScript 3, EPS and most common bitmap file formats
  • Absolutely easy set-up, operation, proof output, evaluation and proof certification
  • All functions for digital proofing are already included in the package
  • Automizable and pre-definable job and workflow settings
  • Media Device Synchronization MDS for accurate printer-to-printer calibration also for de-centralized production sites (remote proofing)
  • DeviceLink profiles are included for many current, international printing standards
  • Easy adjustment of individual proofing system without the need of individual profle creation


Outstanding RIP software for Digital Contract Proofing

Proofgate guarantees production reliability with digital proofing. The software includes MIM-Sets with optimized devicelink profiles for all popular proofing standards and digital proof printers. The unique ColorGATE technique Media Device Synchronization (MDS) enables fast recalibration of all connected printing systems for optimal proofing results with maximum color accuracy.

Configure your individual RIP software solution with our product configurator. You can order it afterwards via this shop.

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